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Where people protect each other.

Connect and live more safely. Citizen is a personal safety network that empowers you to protect yourself and the people and places you care about. Download for access to real-time 911 alerts, instant help from crisis responders, and safety tracking for friends and families.

Life-saving alerts

Citizen is a force for good in the world.


Your world is
safer with Citizen.

Robbery Suspect Locked in Store
Queens, New York
4m ago
Oil Tanker Crashed, Gallons Spilling Into River
Boyle Heights, Los Angeles
15m ago
Handcuffed Man Escaped From Police
Brooklyn, New York
20m ago
Burglars Drove Van Into Convenience Store
Coppin Heights, Baltimore
30m ago
Window Glass Falling From High-Rise Building
Financial District, San Francisco
45m ago
Car Ablaze After Four-Car Collision
South Congress, Austin
1h ago
Robbery Suspect Fled in Stolen U-Haul
Venice, Phoenix
2h ago
Small Beagle Found Without Owner
North End, Detroit
4h ago
Child Trapped in Maintenance Hole
Brooklyn, New York
6h ago
Motorcycle Ablaze After Colliding With Car
West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Get safety alerts when they matter to you — in real time.

Be situationally aware. Citizen alerts go out within seconds of a 911 or user report. If there’s an incident, like a robbery, nearby, you’ll know to avoid that area.

Know what’s happening so you and your loved ones can stay safe.

Connect with your family, friends, and neighbors on Citizen and find out when something important is happening around them.

Always know why the helicopter is overhead.

If there’s commotion like police activity, helicopters overhead, or road closures, pull up the app and know why instantly.


Know the real story faster.

See incidents unfold and get the real story from people on the scene.

Live videos show you what’s really happening. Watch incidents unfold from different angles and follow along until they get resolved.

Fast, accurate information makes a meaningful difference in emergencies.

Citizen alerts go out instantly — this can be hours before Amber Alerts are even issued for children in danger. This speed has been critical in acting on important events like abductions and missing elderly people.

When you can, contribute to help resolve a situation.

You used to have to call a police tip line to help. Now you can use Citizen to broadcast live video, sharing relevant updates with others. You can also leave comments, which have helped locate missing people and share information about evacuation centers during natural disasters.

Because Citizen alerted me about a medical emergency near the hospital where I work, I was able to prepare an operating room more than 20 minutes before EMS called us about the patient. We saved his life because we had that extra time from Citizen. Those minutes matter.

NYC Trauma Surgeon

My brother texted me panicked from a store. Customers were being held inside without knowing why. I checked Citizen, instantly found out and we followed the incident until it was safe for him to leave. He downloaded the app right after that.

Joel M.

Los Angeles user since 2019

If there's police activity or there's a road closure, or something just doesn't feel right, it's incredibly helpful to pull up the app and know why.

Nicole M.

San Francisco user since 2017

For the
greater good.

Hospital and emergency responders save lives with faster updates.

Fire departments use Citizen to direct resources more effectively because they can see the intensity of a fire on live video, while ER surgeons can prep operating rooms for patients 20 minutes before even getting a call from EMTs.

Increasing transparency between the city and its residents.

We believe we should unite against crime. Everyone deserves to be safe — and now, everyone can better look out for each other. Having real-time information available and open to everyone empowers us all to make smarter decisions to stay safe.

Everyone is safer when everyone has the same access.

Citizen is for everyone — and is therefore completely independent. With Citizen, everyone in the community, whether a resident or member of law enforcement, has the same access to the app and its unbiased information.

Protect your world.

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